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About Us


A family business established over 20 years ago, that specialises in cosmetics through the use of Emu Oil. Blue Gum Emu Products are a proudly Australian-owned and Australian based company. We operate out of the beautiful historical town of Castlemaine.

We take great pride in being a leading component of the emu oil industry due to the extensive research that has been done over the years in universities, hospitals, and laboratories. These studies show numerous benefits are gained through the use of emu oil products.

The most important characteristic of emu oil is its ability to deeply nourish the skin. This enables its naturally high content levels of vitamins A and E, as well as its Omega 3, 6 and 9, to build up a natural layer of moisture whilst opening up the pores of the skin to let the skin breathe naturally. Emu Oil's anti-inflammatory qualities can also be of benefit to people experiencing mild joint pain and muscle soreness.

Emu oil is one of nature's finest emollients and moisturisers and is well known in the pharmaceutical industry, having been used at the Australian Institute of Sport and by professional football teams.

Blue Gum Emu Products are proud to deliver to you this amazingly beneficial natural product that is produced from the heart of our beautiful land.

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